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Year 2 - What's New?

As Year 2 is underway, it's time to update some things.

First, the Tuesday blog is no more. It will be replaced with a new blog covering topics in management, as well as personal and organizational development.

Second, Ascent is launching the "QEMA" - Quarterly Energy Markets Analysis. The QEMA will provide readers with an overview of the US energy sector, with a particular focus on oil and gas. The QEMA will also analyze the geopolitical landscape and its impact energy markets (such as OPEC+ and the ongoing trade war) and trends in pricing and other key market data.

Additionally, each edition will contain special analysis from industry events, think tank publications, quarterly earnings reports and more. Look for the first edition in November.

Third, we've added staff. Ascent now has legal and marketing specialists on staff to better serve our clients' needs.

Finally, we're updating our services to provide a more holistic approach to business and personal development. Ascent is now the only firm to offer consulting services, professional coaching, and wellness (yoga and meditation).

A final thank you, again, to everyone who supported Ascent during our first year.

With gratitude,